MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)

Some ATA software products require the use of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR). The MATLAB Compiler Runtime is a special MATLAB environment that allows you to run any ATA Software compiled MATLAB application as an executable on computers without an installed version of MATLAB. The MCR downloads provided here are only for ATA software products and are not distributed otherwise.

Do you need to download and install the MCR?

The MCR is needed on any computer that intends to run a standalone ATA Software MATLAB application. This includes ATA’s Attune and IMAT4XL software products. A 32-bit application must have the 32-bit MCR installed. Likewise, a 64-bit application must have the 64-bit MCR installed. Check the individual product websites for the version of the MCR that you need.

It is important to note that the software needs the specific version of MCR that it references. It will not work with any other version of the MCR. Please pay close attention to which MCR version is specified.

MCR version 9.5 and higher

You can download MCR 2018b (9.5) and MCR 2021b (9.11) and others directly from MathWorks here. Current versions of ATA software that require an MCR use MCR 9.11, and some may still require MCR 9.5. Please check the instructions for the specific software you are installing to determine which version is required.

MCR Instructions

Download the zip file and extract MCRInstaller.exe. The password needed to extract the installer will be provided with the ATA software license. Double-click this file and follow the directions.

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