Attune is a stand-alone highly automated test-analysis correlation and model updating software tool which combines over 40 years of experience in this field into a user-friendly, flexible toolkit for use with MATLAB®. By automating the correlation process and providing a suite of leading edge optimization tools, Attune provides the user with a powerful, efficient method of generating accurate test-verified finite element models.

Attune allows users to:

  • Carry out correlation and model updating through a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Correlate test and analysis data based on modally reduced matrices.
  • Simultaneously optimize the design of multiple configurations.
  • Correlate frequency, cross-orthogonality, and MAC.
  • Correlated model frequencies during the design phase (without test data).
  • Use advanced history tracking to investigate the design space and reevaluate designs based on new criteria.
  • Export ready-to-run updated Nastran bulk data and Abaqus input decks optimized analysis models.
  • Customize the objective function or use a user-developed optimization algorithm.
  • Easily create design variables using the GUI and create a Nastran optimization deck.
  • Automatically document model updating process.

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*MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

Additional Information

Prerequisites and Supported Platforms
Attune v2.4.0 is supported on Windows 10 and Linux platforms and requires MATLAB version 2018b–2022a. Attune is compatible with MSC.Nastran v2001 or later and all versions of UGS NX Nastran. Performing model updates on Nastran models with Attune requires Nastran Optimization and DMAP licenses. Attune is also compatible with Abaqus version 6.5 or later and Salinas version 4.19.3 or later. See the online user’s guide for more information. Attune Stand-Alone requires the MATLAB Runtime Libraries, version 9.5, and the Community Edition of ActiveState Perl to be installed.
License Server for Attune
ATA software uses the Sentinel RMS license server. Visit the Sentinel RMS download page for more details.
How Do I Obtain a License?
To obtain a demo license for Attune, request your 30-day trial license here! A demo license will be emailed to you. If you are an existing Attune customer and are current on software maintenance, please follow the installation instructions and then email us to request an updated license.

  1. Download and install Sentinel RMS license server following the installation directions.
  2. Email us to receive the password for the Sentinel RMS download.
  3. Download and install Attune.
  4. Follow the directions in the README file found in the “ATA RMS Server” zip file for installing the license file.
More Attune Information
If you have any questions about Attune, please email us at [email protected].