Engineering Design Services with a Vision

We know the way.

Backed by decades of experience, the experts at ATA know the road that your design must travel from concept to market.

With our engineering design services, you get a complete design cycle that covers conceptual design, detailed design, and engineering design support all the way through prototype development. ATA also provides independent design assessment and third-party reviews. You gain high-level insights on materials selection, engineering drawings, fabrication, simulation, and testing. Our focus is on minimizing manufacturing costs while ensuring that your product meets regulatory and performance requirements. Our engineers have the tools, training, partnerships, and professional certifications to see your idea through.

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Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design: ATA’s concept development and design services include requirements review, ideation, mechanical system layout, and 3D modeling to capture, visualize, and evaluate your design intent.


Detailed Design

Our engineering design services verify that your product is designed to meet the demands of its expected life cycle.


Prototype Development

Our expertise can often reduce the number of prototypes and tests needed to arrive at a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective product.


Independent Design Assessment

ATA has registered professional engineers (PEs) on staff who are qualified to stamp design review documents and submit them to reviewing organizations.


Let’s Talk About Your Needs

See how our advanced engineering services can bring value and innovation to your project.