Aeroelasticity & Flutter

Comprehensive Aeroelastic Analysis and Test Solutions

ATA provides comprehensive aeroelastic analysis and test solutions to support aircraft design and certification.

ATA’s capabilities include static and dynamic loads estimation, flutter prediction, aeroelastic-driven design optimization, ground and flight testing, model correlation, and certification. ATA offers a turnkey certification service that includes aeroelastic analysis, ground vibration testing, and flight testing support. The turnkey service allows FAA flutter and loads certification to be achieved in collaboration with one of ATA’s designated engineering representative (DER) partners or through ATA collaboration with a customer DER.


Flutter Analysis

ATA has performed aeroelastic analyses for many aerospace systems ranging from individual lifting surface components to full aircraft with closed-loop control systems. ATA’s flutter analysis methods aim for early prediction of flutter, divergence, and nonlinear oscillations. ATA also has experience in design optimization geared toward flutter mitigation. ATA uses panel methods (such as ZAERO and Nastran), as well as more sophisticated computational aeroelastic techniques based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with experience in the subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic flight regimes.

Aircraft Loads Analysis

ATA provides aircraft loads analysis services including aeroelastic loads prediction and loads-driven aircraft design optimization. ATA employs commercial solvers and in-house tools for estimation of trim loads and dynamic loads. Our dynamic loads experience includes transient maneuver, discrete gust, and continuous gust analysis per FAR and MIL standards. ATA also specializes in conducting multidisciplinary design and optimization of primary aircraft structure for gust load alleviation and sizing for stress and strength after critical loads are identified.


Model Correlation and Updating

A test-correlated finite element model (FEM) is needed to confidently predict the aeroelastic stability of an aircraft and demonstrate that flight envelopes are free of flutter instabilities and vehicles are safe for flight testing. Correlation and model-tuning efforts are part of many modal survey projects performed by ATA. Model updating is performed using Nastran and ATA’s Attune™ software to rapidly identify changes to the FEM needed to yield a test-verified model. Attune can match both modal frequencies and shapes, enabling us to investigate much larger changes to the model, resulting in faster convergence to a correlated FEM.


Flutter Flight Test Support

ATA provides flight test planning, instrumentation, and data analysis during flutter flight tests—streaming and reviewing data live during the test. Our highly efficient test setup, test performance, and real-time data processing accelerate test schedule and reduce aircraft downtime. Our highly experienced staff provide complete test and analysis services and bring extensive troubleshooting experience to the process, reducing risk, cost, and schedule.


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