Engineering Testing Services: Anytime, Anywhere

ATA Supports Your Testing Schedule

ATA has a history of supporting customers who have an urgent need for testing and model validation. If you need engineering testing services, our portable data systems and multidisciplinary team of engineers are there to support your project on your schedule.

We test aerospace structures and mechanical/electrical systems in all types of environments and load conditions. We know that test results are only as reliable as the testing equipment, so we use highly sensitive instrumentation and advanced technology to accurately measure, capture, process, and interpret your test data. ATA has developed and patented several types of tests, and our engineering testing services are used by major aerospace, themed entertainment, and mining companies as well as government organizations including NASA and the U.S. Navy.

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ATA is the leading independent modal testing and survey company in the U.S. and has pioneered and patented modal test methods and analysis.



Validate, confirm, or troubleshoot your product or system’s performance by partnering with ATA to conduct operational testing.


Drop & Shock

We have the specialized transducers and measurement systems to ensure that crucial data is captured, including high-level, high-frequency responses.



Let our engineering testing services assist in your aircraft flight qualification process.


Static & Dynamic Strain

Our portable data systems allow us to travel anywhere in the world to solve intricate and complex strength and fatigue problems.



Call on ATA for acoustic qualification testing, flight testing, and testing of fluctuating pressures in jet plumes.


Test-Analysis Correlation

Our expertise in analysis makes us the ideal partner for the test-analysis correlation process. ATA analysis and test engineers often participate in all phases of modeling and testing.



ATA’s qualification testing includes test planning, complete instrumentation, data collection, and data processing.


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See how our advanced engineering services can bring value and innovation to your project.