Detailed Design

Optimizing Design for Manufacturing Success

Detailed design is often considered the most crucial stage in the design process. After general sizing and structural validation has been completed, localized regions need to be examined and optimized.

ATA has extensive design experience in this realm of product development. Our background in fatigue assessment, independent design assessment (third-party review), and structural analysis gives us unique insight into the issues that need to be examined during detailed design.

From verifying that the product is designed for the appropriate lifecycles to minimizing manufacturing costs, we can guide your product to success.


Joint Design and Analysis

Joint failure in structures is the most common type of failure. ATA staff are experts in joint analysis during the detailed design process. ATA has extensive experience with all of the important types of connections, including the following:

  • Welded: Joint strength can vary depending on loading environments, parent material, extent of the heat-affected zone, weld detail classification, and a number of other factors.
  • Bolted: ATA has the expertise required to select the correct type of connection (slip-critical or bearing) for the desired application, as well as correct bolt sizing and numbers.
  • Bonded: Using adhesive to make a structural connection requires special considerations, and we have dealt with adhesive-critical joints in industries ranging from aerospace to sporting goods.

Design for Manufacturability

Good detailed design includes design for manufacturability, which leads to benefits including cost control, meeting schedule deadlines, and reduced lifecycle costs. Within this field of knowledge, ATA has expertise with the following:

  • Manufacturing methods
  • Material selection
  • Structural element sizing and optimization through analysis and simulation
  • Manufacturing tolerances and tolerance stack analysis
  • Engineering drawings and other design documentation

Design-Build and Manufacturing Support

With our unique and extensive experience in analysis-driven design and understanding of mechanics, materials, and manufacturing, ATA can also support the transition to the production manufacturing of highly engineered designs. We can provide manufacturing support, help develop manufacturing methods, and even lead your design-build projects. In all cases, having our analysis and design team closely involved in the manufacturing and build process will reduce technical and programmatic risks. ATA has strong relationships with several manufacturing providers. We can support design and build of systems and equipment that include electronics, embedded software, and other nonstructural or mechanical components as well.

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