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See how the enhancements and new features in Femap 2301 can improve your productivity and collaboration across the simulation workflow.

From geometry and meshing to solver support and postprocessing, the newly released Simcenter Femap 2301 offers a variety of enhancements and impressive performance improvements. This webinar will highlight many of these exciting updates, including the following:

  • Teamcenter integration and next-generation cloud collaboration with Xcelerator Share
  • Greater flexibility during midsurfacing workflows
  • Updated and additional Group commands for improved model organization
  • Recognition of mesh points by the Body Mesher and the ability to project midside nodes toward associated surfaces and curves
  • The ability to update line elements connected to other element types using the Mesh on Mesh command
  • Initial implementation of Unified Graphics Architecture to provide improved quality, performance, and hardware support for graphics
  • Expanded support for Simcenter Nastran SOL 401 MultiStep Nonlinear solutions, including a new Simulation Entity to facilitate element addition and removal, along with new connection property and analysis set options
  • Functionality to capture additional key results data that may not have been calculated by the solver using the Computed Vectors command
  • Introduction of a Command Finder to quickly and easily search for current and new commands

This release also aligns Femap’s release numbering scheme with other Siemens products, where the first two digits indicate the year of release and the second two indicate the month. Simcenter Femap features a biannual release cycle with major feature releases in January and July each year and maintenance patches in between as needed.

ATA Engineering, Inc., is excited to welcome Andy Haines, Principal Applications Engineer and long-time member of the Simcenter Femap team at Siemens Digital Industries Software, for this webinar. Join us to learn additional details about these new features and more. You can visit the Support Center website today to download Simcenter Femap 2301 and generate new license files.