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Save time with these tips and tricks for Femap Groups.

Femap’s group functionality allows the user to segment models into smaller, more manageable, discrete pieces. These pieces can then be used to minimize the amount of information presented in the graphics windows, providing a clearer view of large models with many parts. Femap Groups also make it easier to manipulate, update, and apply loads to your model, and they are excellent for debugging Nastran models.

This webinar will give an overview of best practices for using groups within Femap. It will cover creating and modifying groups, using Booleans, and a number of useful APIs that work with Femap groups.

About the Speaker

  • Laura Hoffman

    Laura Hoffman is a senior project engineer in ATA’s Denver office with design and analysis expertise in structural dynamics and vibroacoustics. From breakout component models to full system analyses, she has extensive experience evaluating the dynamic response of aerospace structures, including planetary rovers, satellites, and launch vehicles.