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Achieve improved FEA workflows and higher productivity with new tools in Simcenter.

NX CAE has recently transformed into Simcenter 3D, a new multi-discipline simulation solution built on the familiar platform of NX. This webinar, originally presented on October 19, 2016, highlights a number of new features and enhancements, including:

  • Improved sketching and modeling techniques in NX11 such as easier sketch manipulation, sweeping volumes, and flattening 3D faces to a plane
  • New CAE commands:
    • Attach and Detach Elements to stitch or split meshes relative to other meshes
    • Mesh From Boundary to quickly fill holes in solid or shell analyses
    • Convex Mesh to support acoustic analyses
    • Remove Ribs to identify and remove rib elements in the FEM
  • Additional user-defined element quality objectives to create better meshes
  • Failure and delamination, user-defined materials, and bolt preload enhancements in NX Multiphysics
  • A variety of selection and graphics additions such as circle and lasso select
  • Additional options for results probes, banded displays, relative results, and multiview templates in the postprocessor

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