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Increase your productivity and efficiency with the new tools and enhancements in Femap v11.3

The newest version of Femap, v11.3, is scheduled for early 2016. This webinar, originally delivered on April 12, 2016, demonstrates the newest features and enhancements that will improve your FEA workflow. Femap v11.3 includes numerous enhancements:

  • Meshing updates include a new max quads meshing capability minimizing creation of triangles, interactive mesh refinement, and mesh smoothing improvements for highly curved surfaces.
  • There is a new connection manager with a streamlined element face picking capability to facilitate connection region definition and setup.
  • Visualization improvements include a new draw/erase toolbar and a new ability to “walk through” the model and view it from the inside.
  • The creation of arrow plots has been simplified and extended, allowing faster visualization of output components, including on-the-fly transformations.
  • There have also been numerous enhancements to solver support, including attaching to Abaqus ODB files, and Nastran solution control.

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