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See how performance improvements and new features in Femap 2020.2 can improve your productivity across the simulation workflow.

From geometry and meshing to solver support and post-processing, the newly released Simcenter Femap 2020.2 offers a variety of enhancements and impressive performance improvements. This free webinar will highlight many of these updates, including:

  • High DPI support to improve user experience on high-resolution displays
  • Significant performance improvements for a variety of commands
  • New ways to transfer data to Microsoft Excel and display how surfaces are connected via their curves
  • Meshing toolbox enhancements, including a preview option during blend removal and a surface/replace face capability during geometry extend operations
  • Support of Aero Pressures, Coefficients, and Forces from Static Aeroelasticity (SOL 144) and shell thickness, plastic strain, and progressive failure output from Multi-Step Nonlinear SOL 401/402
  • Stress linearization capabilities for calculating linearized membrane, bending, and peak stresses along a stress classification line
  • Nastran support for GENEL elements, follower forces and moments, and SOL 402 parameters, plus additional support for the ANSYS, ABAQUS, and LS-Dyna solvers

ATA Engineering, Inc., and Andy Haines, Manager of Femap Applications Engineering at Siemens Digital Industries Software, invite you to join us for more details about these exciting features and more. You can visit the new Support Center website today to download Simcenter Femap 2020.2 and generate new license files.


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