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Discover the exciting new capabilities and enhancements across Femap 12 that make this version more powerful than ever before.

After much anticipation, Femap 12 has recently been released and is now available for download through GTAC. This version delivers a multitude of customer-requested enhancements:

  • A refreshed user interface with interactive screen entities
  • Improved graphics performance and new feature and silhouette lines
  • A new geometry stitching algorithm, surface alignment command, and curve-to-curve surface options
  • Support of washers and pads through solid bodies and around noncircular holes
  • The ability to move and copy geometry with associated finite element data
  • Full integration of the beam centerline finder and new mesh point editor capabilities
  • Dynamic criteria plots and a dialog-controlled report generator
  • Support for NX Nastran multistep nonlinear sequences SOL 401 and SOL 402, design and topology optimization with NX Nastran SOL 200, and an all-new ANSYS translator

This free webinar, originally delivered by Jonathan Hill on October 23, 2018, features a discussion and demonstration of these new features and more.


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