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Learn how to use product and manufacturing information (PMI) in NX to increase your team’s efficiency from concept to manufacturing.

PMI consists of non-geometric attributes that help visualize product definition in a 3-D model. With PMI, the NX user can attach information such as dimensions, tolerances, and material notes to parts and assemblies. Adding this information throughout the design process can shorten the overall design cycle by facilitating improvements in team collaboration and streamlining documentation efforts. This webinar, originally presented on June 7, 2016, introduces basic PMI concepts and benefits and demonstrates PMI workflows using NX. Specific workflows that are demonstrated include the following:

  • Creating standard and sectioned model views
  • Capturing design intent with PMI annotations
  • Adding geometric dimensioning and tolerancing elements
  • Controlling PMI display preferences
  • Searching PMI
  • Viewing component PMI at the assembly level

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