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Discover how system simulation with Simcenter Amesim empowers your team to investigate innovative concepts throughout the design cycle.

Simcenter Amesim is an integrated, scalable system simulation platform that enables engineers to virtually assess and optimize the performance of mechatronic systems. It boosts overall system engineering productivity from the early development stages until the final performance validation and controls calibration to help identify better designs in less time.

Amesim achieves this by combining ready-to-use multi-physics libraries with application and industry-oriented solutions. Realistic system simulation makes it possible to explore different concepts, size or balance device attributes, and verify that performance goals are achieved to optimize the architecture of a device. This can be completed quickly at the system level, well before updating 3D designs and detailed engineering simulations so that users can explore hundreds of concepts, far exceeding what would be practical by building and testing physical prototypes.

This webinar will introduce Amesim and highlight its role in the development of electric vehicles (EVs). In particular, a demonstration will showcase analysis of a simple EV and battery configuration.

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