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See how HEEDS can leverage automated workflows to identify optimized designs in less time.

This webinar highlights how digital tools, including process automation, simulation, and design space exploration, can change your design approach for almost anything—including an arrow! The webinar will showcase how design space exploration with trajectory analysis can identify better designs automatically and will present a nearly hands-off workflow developed by ATA to design a new crossbow arrow vane with improved arrow performance.

HEEDS is a powerful design space exploration and optimization software package that interfaces with almost any computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool to drive product innovation. HEEDS accelerates the product development process by automating analysis workflows (process automation), maximizing the available computational hardware and software resources (distributed execution), and efficiently exploring the design space for innovative solutions (efficient search), while assessing the new concepts to ensure that performance requirements are met (insight and discovery).

In this case, by coupling parameterized CAD, STAR-CCM+, and a custom Python arrow trajectory analysis, HEEDS was able to generate a hands-off automated workflow for exploring how arrow vane design affects performance, which ultimately allowed ATA Engineering to help Bohning identify a design that improved arrow accuracy and spin rate.


– HEEDS Introduction and Overview
– Case study on a STAR-CCM+ and Python simulation of arrow trajectory driven by a HEEDS automated exploration process

About the Speakers:

Chris Ostoich, Ph.D., Project Engineer, ATA Engineering Inc.
An accomplished CAE professional with direct experience in hypersonics and fluid-structure interaction, Dr. Ostoich is a member of the Fluid Dynamics and Propulsion technical team at ATA Engineering, Inc. Dr. Ostoich is an expert at the application of simulation and automated optimization methods for solving some of the most difficult problems in aerospace and transportation engineering.

Adam Green, Business Development Manager at ATA Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Green is a veteran of the CAE/CFD industry, originally as a technical user at UK Ministry of Defence and then at CHAM Ltd, UK, and since then in business development with AEA Engineering Software and CD-adapco. Mr. Green is now with ATA Engineering as part of the Siemens VAR team, specializing in STAR-CCM+. He is also a certified AWS Business Professional for cloud deployment of engineering tools and a Siemens Certified Sales Pro 2020.



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