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Productivity is what differentiates STAR-CCM+ from other CFD tools.

A single coherent interface coupled with the best meshing available is a key driver for productivity. Another is workflow automation. This free webinar, originally delivered by Adam Green and Tim Palmer on June 19, 2019, looks at the various ways to automate workflows with STAR-CCM+.

STAR-CCM+ is built around automation:

  • Need to mesh a model at different mesh densities to assess mesh independence or shape? With a single click, the entire STAR-CCM+ workflow can be repeated, including remeshing and rerunning the simulation.
  • Need to run a parametric sweep of a boundary condition or geometry? STAR-CCM+ can run those automatically and will also use the results from the previous point as the initial conditions for the next.

STAR-CCM+ is also based on Java and JavaScript, so any user activity in the GUI can be recorded as JavaScript, edited, and reused as a Java macro.

We’ll discuss:

  • Automation with the GUI – Design Manager
  • Basic JavaScript automation
  • Advanced automation with JavaScript:
    • Assessing hundreds of geometric shapes using Java to control boundary size parameters, mesh generation, and the solution procedure
    • Using Java to drive adaptive meshing that tracks a shock in a transonic simulation

Try it yourself:

See how easy it can be to automate mesh refinement in order to capture a discontinuity like a shock wave. The sample model and Java macro highlighted by Adam and used to generate the images to the right are available for download from The Steve Portal.


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