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Improve your Frisbee game with computational fluid dynamics!

People take sports seriously! Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations have been used to increase the range of golf balls and improve the spiral of footballs. The dynamics of an ultimate (Frisbee) disc are complex, and ATA’s team of ultimate aficionados was interested to see whether we could accurately simulate the effects of off-axis spin on the disc’s flight characteristics.


In this webinar, we’ll discuss the history of Frisbee development, demonstrate how STAR-CCM+ can be used to model the aerodynamic forces for a Frisbee, and assess how CFD can be used to improve Frisbee design and player technique.



  • Introduction to relevant STAR-CCM+ features for this application, including mesh motion and Simcenter Cloud HPC
  • Review of STAR-CCM+ Frisbee model setup and results
  • Discussion of ideas for future work

About the Speaker

  • Adam Green

    Director, Business Development, ATA Engineering, Inc.

    Mr. Green is a veteran of the CAE/CFD industry, originally as a technical user at UK Ministry of Defence and then at CHAM Ltd, UK, and since then in business development with AEA Engineering Software and CD-adapco. Mr. Green is now with ATA Engineering as part of the Siemens VAR team, specializing in STAR-CCM+. He is also a certified AWS Business Professional for cloud deployment of engineering tools and a Siemens Certified Sales Pro 2020.
  • Chris Ostoich, Ph.D.

    Senior Project Engineer, ATA Engineering, Inc.

    Christopher Ostoich is a senior project engineer in ATA Engineering’s San Diego office. He has expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-thermal-structure interaction with an emphasis on high-speed flows. He has worked for ATA Engineering for seven years and has 15 years’ experience running and developing CFD and multiphysics codes. While performing analysis on customer project work, Dr. Ostoich also supports ATA’s VAR business as a Dedicated Support Engineer, assisting with pre-sales demonstrations and post-sales support with STAR-CCM+ and HEEDS. Dr. Ostoich has used STAR-CCM+ on a variety of customer projects in applications ranging from rocket nozzle plume flows to conjugate heat transfer analyses in a thermally-sensitive optical system. He has a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Peter Newman

    Engineer, ATA Engineering, Inc.

    Mr. Newman received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University Vancouver. As a member of the Fluid Dynamics & Propulsion technical team at ATA Engineering, Mr. Newman is passionate about solving complex aerospace challenges with cutting-edge computational tools. His thesis leveraged experimental methods to study ash aggregation in volcanic jets, and he has experience utilizing high-performance computing (HPC) resources to solve computationally expensive problems.