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ATA Featured in Desktop Engineering Magazine

ATA discusses solutions to common CAD-to-CAE process issues

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jan. 13, 2014 – ATA’s vice president of aerospace and defense business development, H. Clark Briggs, Ph.D., recently spoke to Desktop Engineering (DE) Magazine, a leading publication for design engineering technology, on the current state of CAD-to-CAE transfer practices.

The process of getting CAD design models ready for CAE analysis has long presented problems; as Briggs emphasized to DE’s Kenneth Wong, this task may consume half an analyst’s time on a project before analysis can even begin.

However, as an advocate of closer integration of design and analysis, Briggs was also able to share some of the solutions that have been implemented and advanced by ATA Engineering to iron out workflows and increase productivity. These have included close collaboration between design and analysis engineers to foster heightened understanding of both parts of the process by the entire team, and the use of software tools well suited to both parts of the task—solutions that lead to faster, smoother, and more efficient design and analysis.