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ATA Engineering Relocates Corporate Headquarters

ATA Engineering relocates to new corporate headquarters in San Diego to allow expansion of services and strategic growth in the wake of recent successes.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 15, 2014 – ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA) a nationwide provider of innovative, high-value, test- and analysis-driven mechanical engineering design solutions, has announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters in San Diego, California, 10 miles east of its previous location.

The relocation of ATA’s headquarters represents a significant expansion, with the new 50,000 square foot facility offering over twice the space and room to grow. Along with employee offices, training and demo rooms, conference rooms, and a library, the building also houses a fully equipped 4,500 square foot testing laboratory and a 4,200 square foot prototype lab and machine shop area outfitted for manufacturing, assembly, and robotics experimentation. The new facility will reunite the staff at ATA’s headquarters with those who had been located at the nearby Design Studio, thus bringing together all of ATA’s services under one roof and better reflecting the company’s collaborative and multidisciplinary engineering philosophy.

ATA’s new corporate headquarters will be home to more than fifty full-time engineers able to provide all aspects of ATA’s services, software, and hardware support, and the new location will also facilitate ATA’s ongoing expansion of the breadth and depth of the technical services it provides. “The relocation of our corporate office to this space will allow for strategic growth as we build upon our recent successes,” says General Manager and Chairman Jeff Young. “We look forward to the opportunity to further expand the scope and quality of services that we offer to our customers.”

This relocation demonstrates ATA’s commitment to hiring, developing, and retaining talented people by providing a first-rate facility for the practice of ATA’s engineering services. In addition, our customers will welcome the enhancement and expansion in services this facility makes possible.

The corporate headquarters of ATA Engineering are now located at 13290 Evening Creek Drive South, Suite 250, San Diego, California 92128. For additional information, contact Trish Sur at 858-480-2125 or [email protected].