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ATA Engineering Announces the Release of Vibrata v5.1

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 8, 2024 – ATA is pleased to announce the release of version 5.1 of Vibrata. Vibrata is an advanced dynamic analysis software package designed to give Femap® users powerful response analysis capabilities. Vibrata allows users to easily define, solve, and display results for the most challenging dynamic simulations, and offers an easy-to-use interface and unlimited customization capabilities through its integrated MATLAB® interface. This release brings significant improvements to the random solver, in both speed and memory usage. These improvements also provide an improved FastRMS solver, as well as more flexible Femap and MATLAB version support.

New Vibrata Features:

Performance Improvements to the Random Solver

Vibrata’s random solver has been overhauled both for increased performance and reduced memory usage. Additionally, the FastRMS solver option has been replaced with a new algorithm that removes all limitations of the legacy FastRMS solver. It is now the default option for random analysis, as it performs significantly faster RMS contour calculations with no loss in accuracy. It also does not have any restrictions on the type of output it can return.

Femap and MATLAB Version Support

Vibrata now allows you to use future versions of Femap and MATLAB. Vibrata is tested against the Femap versions available at the time of the Vibrata release, and while ATA cannot guarantee that Vibrata will work with a future release of Femap, you are no longer restricted from using an untested combination of software. This new capability gives you the flexibility to upgrade to a newer version of Femap while continuing to use a specific version of Vibrata for your projects.

We encourage customers to continue to send enhancement requests, as these help to make our product better.

Download Vibrata v5.1

If you’re a current Vibrata customer or ATA|Suite customer with at least six tokens, there is no cost for upgrading to v5.1. Customers can download the latest version here, at the bottom of the page under the Vibrata heading.

Vibrata 5.1 requires Femap 11.3.x through 2401 and supports MATLAB R2020a-R2023b.

Contact [email protected] for technical support.