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ATA Engineering Announces the Release of Vibrata v2.2.0

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 19, 2018 – ATA is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2.0 of Vibrata. Vibrata is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, advanced dynamics toolkit to predict stress, deflection, and other responses to transient, harmonic, random, and response spectrum excitation. The release brings a number of useful new enhancements to Vibrata.

New Vibrata Features:

One of the most exciting new features in this version update is the incorporation of nonlinear force modeling in the modal transient solver—a capability that is useful for modeling displacement limiting, spring stiffening, and deadband. Two different spring models are supported: one adds stiffness outside prescribed displacement limits and is useful for modeling displacement limiting such as two structures impacting each other, and the other subtracts stiffness, which is useful for modeling deadband in a joint.


The blue trace implements displacement limiting in the modal transient solver.


Other noteworthy improvements include the ability to export Vibrata XY results to Nastran TABLED1 and TABRND bulk data and the ability to display additional statistics for random analysis results in the XY plotter.

Download Vibrata v2.2.0

If you’re a current Vibrata customer or ATA|Suite customer with at least 6 tokens, there is no cost for upgrading to v2.2.0. Customers can download the latest version here, at the bottom of the page under the Vibrata heading.

Vibrata v2.2.0 requires Femap 11.3.x, 11.4.x, or 12.0.x, and supports Matlab R2016b–R2018b.

Contact [email protected] for the download password.