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ATA Engineering Announces the Release of IMAT v7.2.0

Enhancements include new plotting capabilities, more flexible importing of superelement matrices, and more.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 2, 2018 – ATA is excited to announce the release of version 7.2.0 of the IMAT family of software products. IMAT is a MATLAB toolbox designed for test and analysis engineers who process data from a variety of sources. This release brings a number of useful new enhancements to the powerful functionality available in IMAT.

ATA is committed to providing new IMAT releases in conjunction with new MATLAB releases. ATA Engineering designed IMAT v7.2.0 to work with MATLAB R2018b as well as previous releases back to R2016b. IMAT v7.2.0 also supports Abaqus 2018.

Notable IMAT Upgrades:

IMAT’s uiplot has been updated to allow you to plot zero up-crossing rate statistics from random analysis or testing. Additionally, the uiplot function list now displays filenames for plotted functions so you know the data source at a glance.

Calculate zero-crossing rates and also see your data source filename in UIPLOT.

Only need to look at a subset of your data? Enhancements to IMAT’s imat_group now let you use existing groups directly to partition more types of data, such as imat_fn and imat_shp, and offer greater flexibility in how you use the groups you’ve created or imported.

Notable IMAT+FEA Upgrades:

IMAT+FEA’s readnas function now has greater flexibility in importing superelement-based matrices and MATPOOL matrices from OP2 files, giving you access to more data from the files you already use.

Notable IMAT+Signal Upgrades:

Need to plot your order-tracking results for rotating equipment without the MATLAB Signal Processing toolbox? IMAT+Signal’s toolbox can now directly calculate and display spectrogram plots.

Create spectrograms without the Signal Processing toolbox with IMAT+Signal’s fn_spectrogram functionality.

Download IMAT v7.2.0

IMAT v7.2.0 is available to any IMAT user who is current with maintenance, enhance­ments, and support (ME&S). There is no cost for upgrading to v7.2.0. Customers can download the latest version here. Please note that this version requires Sentinel RMS 9.2.0 or higher.

To upgrade your IMAT to version 7.2.0 or to learn more about these new features, please call Sherry at 858.480.2074, or send an email to [email protected].