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ATA Engineering Announces New Office in Huntsville, Alabama

Continuing demand for engineering services fuels need for location of permanent engineering resources in the southeastern region

SAN DIEGO, Calif., February 22, 2010 — ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA) a nationwide provider of innovative, high-value, test- and analysis-driven mechanical engineering design solutions, today announced the opening of its new office in Huntsville, Alabama.

ATA’s new Southeastern Regional Operations will provide local support to ATA’s expanding client base in the region. The new office will be headed by Dr. Eric Blades. Dr. Blades joins ATA from the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems at Mississippi State University, where he was an associate research professor. His research focused on computational fluid dynamics solvers, computational aeroelasticity, fluid structure interaction and multidisciplinary optimization problems, and advanced grid generation algorithms. Prior to his time at MSU, Dr. Blades worked for the ATA engineering group in San Diego as a project engineer focused on the design and analysis of aerospace structures.

“The opening of our office in Huntsville reflects our recent successes and our continued commitment to providing exceptional local support to our customers nationwide,” says Dr. Mary Baker, President of ATA. “The decision to establish a permanent presence in this region builds upon our strategic plans for continued local growth in the key markets that we serve.”

In addition to its geographical expansion to locate offices closer to its clients, ATA continues to make significant investments in the augmentation of the breadth and depth of the technical services it provides. This has included adding experts to its staff in the fields of acoustics, computational fluid dynamics, and design and analysis of advanced composite material structures.

For additional information, contact Eric Blades, Director of Southeastern Regional Operations, at (877) 374-3289 or [email protected].