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ATA Engineering at the 2016 Siemens PLM Connection

Three ATA engineers presented and demonstrated at this year's conference

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 31, 2016 – ATA Engineering (ATA) attended the 2016 Siemens PLM Connection conference May 16–19 in Orlando, Florida. Among the many valuable presentations and demonstrations delivered at the annual conference, three ATA engineers provided attendees with useful information on software-related topics including concurrent design, analysis, and manufacturing in NX; analysis-driven design via structural optimization and parametric modeling; and the use of product and manufacturing information (PMI) for design and analysis.

Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing Success with NX, presented by Gordon Pfeiffer, focused on the ways NX software was utilized in the creation of the engine air-brake (EAB), a prototype aircraft drag management device that was recently used in a series of ground tests on a business jet turbofan aircraft engine. The successful full-scale engine test of the device demonstrated the technology’s potential to support the goals of NASA and the aircraft industry for next-generation quiet aircraft.

Analysis Driven Design: Optimization of a Hexapod Isolator, a presentation delivered by Greg Mathy, showed how designers and analysts worked together to optimize the design of a hexapod isolator within the available space. The hexapod’s shape and stiffness were optimized with the NX Nastran Solution 200 tool, and the comprehensive analyses were seamlessly restructured via a parametric model in NX CAE.

Workflows in NX: Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) for Design and Analysis, a talk presented by Curtis Rands, discussed the use of PMI objects to capture design intent in an NX model at any stage of the design as well as its ability to streamline downstream drafting, analysis, review, manufacturing, and documentation activities. This topic was also explored in depth later in the week when Curtis also conducted a Knowledge Theater demonstration: When Your Team Uses NX PMI, It Is Never “Too Much Information (TMI).” Specifically, Curtis showed how to manipulate, search, and control the visibility of PMI objects in the context of parts and assemblies. If you missed this demonstration at Siemens PLM Connection, be sure to register for ATA’s upcoming webinar, Principles and Workflows for PMI Using NX.

You can view the full presentations and more on our PLM site resources page.

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