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Catch up on best practices for modeling bolted joints and fasteners in Femap and Simcenter Nastran.

All structural analysts know that finite element analysis (FEA) results can only be as accurate as the underlying assumptions within the model itself. However, modeling discrete fasteners with solid elements, contact, and bolt preload can add significant complexity to otherwise linear models and quickly becomes computationally prohibitive.

This webinar will consider the best practices associated with simplified fastener representations, with a focus on approximations using rigid and beam or spring elements, which still provide realistic stiffness representations and can even allow for robust strength assessment of each bolted joint. After introducing the best practices, the webinar will showcase how to implement these approaches with a live Femap demonstration.

About the Speaker:

Rachel Backes, Senior Project Engineer, ATA Engineering, Inc.

Rachel Backes, a structural analyst in ATA’s Denver office, has experience with a wide variety of analysis projects supporting aerospace and renewable energy technologies. She has expertise developing software tools for specialized analyses and engineering automation and is a certified instructor for ATA’s Femap and Nastran courses.

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