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See how Simcenter 3D and HEEDS enable any designer to conduct automated design exploration. No optimization experts need apply.

Based on the enterprise-grade CAD technology in Siemens NX, Simcenter 3D offers users an incredibly broad and deep set of simulation capabilities, all accessible through the familiar NX interface. Even with the best tools, though, it can be complex to set up and run optimization studies. Simcenter HEEDS overcomes this barrier with powerful design-space exploration that anyone can use. No optimization expertise is required.

Many applications, especially those in aerospace, place a premium on low weight but also require safety margins to be met. This webinar will demonstrate how to reduce the weight of an aerospace structural component subject to dynamic loads. Mass is reduced while stresses in the structure are kept within acceptable levels by automating the optimization process in Simcenter 3D using HEEDS.

  • Quickly set up parametric design variables
  • Identify an analysis approach for calculating your success criteria (e.g., mass, maximum stress)
  • Establish a design space over which the design parameters will be varied
  • Configure HEEDS to interrogate hundreds of design variants automatically
  • Visualize results easily for all design variants, allowing you to choose the best one readily
  • Obtain an optimal design in hours or days, not weeks

About the Speaker:

Chris Ostoich, Ph.D., Project Engineer, ATA Engineering, Inc.

An accomplished CAE professional with direct experience in hypersonics and fluid-structure interaction, Dr. Ostoich is a member of the Fluid Dynamics and Propulsion technical team at ATA Engineering, Inc. Dr. Ostoich is an expert at the application of simulation and automated optimization methods for solving some of the most difficult problems in aerospace and transportation engineering.


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