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ATA Engineering Establishes New In-House Vibration Test Capability

ATA Engineering augments 4,500 square foot testing laboratory in San Diego headquarters with the addition of a Brüel & Kjær LDS V830 vibration shaker.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 12, 2014 – ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA) formally announces the expansion of their existing test capabilities to include in-house vibration testing of customer products to satisfy environmental test requirements.

ATA has more than thirty years of experience in the planning and execution of modal, operational, qualification, acceptance, pro­toflight, and flight test programs and has a dedicated team of sixteen test engineers who routinely provide on-site testing at customer facilities and third-party test laboratories. This experience includes qualification testing in the form of static, acoustic, shock, and vibra­tion (random, sine) for a variety of mechanical and electromechanical systems, in addition to full spacecraft, to meet the requirements of industrial (ASTM, ISO), military (MIL-STD), and NASA (NASA-HDBK, NASA-STD) standards.

ATA’s new headquarters in San Diego includes a 4,500 square foot testing laboratory where static, dynamic, and material test programs can be performed, as well as a 4,200 square foot prototype lab and machine shop area outfitted for manufacturing and assembly. To further complement our in-house test capabilities, ATA has installed a Brüel & Kjær LDSV830 electromagnetic shaker system. This shaker system will permit sine, random, shock, and time waveform replication vibration testing of equipment with a peak force input of 2,205 lbs (sine and random) and peak acceleration excitation of 75 g (sine).

“Qualification testing is an important step in evaluating how well products can withstand their operational environments and is particularly valuable in reducing design and overall program risk,” says Test Director Ralph Brillhart. “With the addition of this new shaker system, ATA can now offer our customers turn-key solutions for addressing their vibrational and qualification test requirements directly at our facility.” The full suite of ATA’s offerings related to vibrational testing includes development of test plans/procedures, design and manufacture of test fixtures/tooling and mass simulators, test execution, and test reporting in compliance with various industry standards and specifications. In addition, ATA provides complete instrumentation, large channel data collection (400+), and data processing services including pretest analysis for test article response predictions and posttest model correlation to aid in further design verification.

To learn more on how ATA Engineering can help your organization in the successful planning and execution of your next test program, please contact Heather Wilkens at 858.480.2043 or [email protected].

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