Strain and Fatigue Testing

ATA has over 30 years of experience using strain and fatigue testing to assess areas such as fatigue life, design loads, or ultimate strength. Our experience includes testing of roller coasters, rides, simulators, vehicles, aircraft, rotating machinery, and more.
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Modal Testing

ATA is the industry leading expert in modal testing services and methods development. Whether you are in the aerospace, industrial, automotive, or commercial products industry, we have the tools and experience to support all of your modal testing needs.
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Shock and Drop Testing Services

Successful shock, drop, or pyro-shock test requires not only specialized instrumentation and data acquisition, it takes experienced personnel to successfully perform this type of testing. ATA has the equipment and expertise required to successfully perform these tests and ensure the recovery of high quality data.
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Qualification Testing

Qualification testing is an important step in evaluating how well a product performs under severe use environments. ATA’s qualification test service includes test planning, complete instrumentation, data collection, and post-test data processing.
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Flight Testing

ATA’s flight testing services support qualification of aircraft for acoustic, flutter, vibration, and other in-flight environments. Our flight test customers include NASA, the US Navy, and several aircraft companies.
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Acoustic Testing

ATA has a wide variety of acoustic testing experience from environmental qualification to aircraft interior noise during flight. We utilize pressure sensors, microphones, and sound level meters to characterize the acoustic environment and measure response.
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Test Equipment Rental

In addition to our testing services, we also provide a rental service with our extra inventory of transducers, shakers, data acquisition systems, and other test equipment. If you have the expertise and just need to add to your inventory, our rental service might be the right option for you.
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Support and Training For Your Test Needs

Do you already have test personnel and equipment, but lack the experience to efficiently run a successful test program? If you need training or engineering oversight, ATA can help.
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