Loads and Dynamics Analysis

ATA engineers are among the industry leaders in the field of aero-vibro-acoustics, the study of problems involving sound transmitted through or radiating from vibrating structures and vibration or stress induced by high intensity acoustic loading.
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Structural Analysis

From linear and nonlinear stress analysis to assessment of fatigue and durability, our structural analysis services can help drive your design, qualify your metallic or composite hardware, shorten development time, and reduce lifecycle costs.
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Acoustics Analysis

ATA engineers are world-renowned experts in the development and interpretation of loads and environments, and in the prediction of the linear and nonlinear dynamic response of industrial, commercial, aerospace, and defense products.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Analysis

Our staff are experienced in performing CFD analyses for aerospace and industrial applications. Our services include analysis of subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic flow regimes and single phase, multi-phase, and reacting flows.
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Thermal Analysis

ATA provides comprehensive thermal and coupled fluid-thermal analysis and design support. Our solutions include consideration of conduction, convection, and radiation modes of heat transfer for ground, air, and space-based thermal management systems.
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Opto-Mechanical Analysis

ATA has extensive experience in the design and analysis of optical systems. Our core expertise includes multi-disciplinary optical, thermal, and dynamic analyses to optimize the optical and structural performance of ground, air, and space-based systems.
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Mechanisms/Multi-Body Dynamics

ATA performs mechanism design, analysis, and flexible multi-body dynamic simulation for commercial and aerospace robotics, animatronics, and amusement park motion simulators. Solutions can include highly nonlinear mechanism simulation involving contact and plasticity.
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